The Creators of Chronicles of the Void:



Wedge Smith is a software developer who likes gaming of all sorts and is an avid reader of SF&F books. His first love was the table top card game Star Wars CCG which he played throughout high school in competitions across Texas until the game was discontinued. During college he started P&P RPG nights with his friends where they played campaigns from Rifts, D&D 3.0, and Star Wars RPG. After college, he started playing Star Wars Minis competitively for many years until it was discontinued and his heart shattered. While trying to glue together the shattered pieces, his wife introduced him to Doug Bush which reignited his tabletop gaming passion with Warlord, a strategy game from Reaper Miniatures where he was eventually offered a position to work on their expansion: The Savage North.  When he isn't wrestling corgis, or having his wife make fun of his T-shirts, he is hard at work on Chronicles of the Void fiction and game mechanics.



Doug Bush is a professional drummer with a degree and everything. Ever since he was a young boy he's played games with family and friends whenever he wasn't beating things with sticks. From elementary through college and beyond he played and created RPGs. Well versed in the classics he found most joy in the creation and running of his own systems and in 2008 was blessed by the game gods when the kind souls at Reaper Miniatures began to let him tamper with their incredible table top game: Warlord. During that process he met the machine that is Wedge Smith and convinced him that together they should take a stab at the creation of their own IP, Chronicles of the Void.


The guys may be busy creating and planning for the game but Genie is the one that handles most of the unseen background work to help launch Chronicles of the Void. She maintains the online presence for CotV through marketing and is the web and database administrator. She's married to Wedge with 2 chubby corgis and a daughter. With whatever spare time she has, she is a gamer and a cyclist. She's known Doug since high school and introduced the two over a mini high school reunion dinner. The two hit it off and started foaming at the mouth over table top games while she was pushing beans off her plate.


Gretta Geheb is a graphic designer and web designer and avid supporter of RPG's. She and Travis Hubbard have helped build the CotV site. She has a degree in Graphic Design and is currently working on a bachelors in Web Design. Gretta is also an artist focusing mostly on the medium known as pointillism, or stipling to some. Feel free to check out her work at!


Travis Hubbard is a web developer and helped put together the website for CotV.  He met Wedge at college, where they both lost a ton of sleep over late night RPG gaming sessions with a few other close friends. He's the Joomla-wielding ninja that will steal your nachos if you let him in too close.

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