Entry: 00-033: Orbital Shipyard with Sinix
Written by Doug   

And in more art related news check out this Design Lab by Sinix one of the key artist for setting tone and mode in the CotV universe. Can't wait to see the final product!


Entry: 00-032: Artist Interview = Reza Ilyasa
Written by Doug   

One question we constantly hear is "Who does the art for CotV?" Hopefully we can answer that starting with an interview of the man responsible for CotV's most iconic image, Reza Ilyasa.

Reza is an amazingly talented artist from Indonesia that took some time out of his busy robot creating schedule to talk with us.

Doug: How long have you been involved in art?

Reza: I don't know exactly when I started but in 2000 I was working as an illustrator in TV commercial agencies, so that would be 12 years and going.

Doug: What is your favorite thing to draw?

Reza: Robots, any non organic subject. I drew comics when I was younger.

Doug: Speaking of robots you have a great talent for drawing them. When did you first fall in love with robots?

Reza: When I saw Voltus V.

Doug: Who are some of your favorite artist?

Reza: Right now I love Junji Okubo and still love Chris Bachalo's art.

Doug: What is a normal process for you when designing a robot for Chronicles of the Void?

Reza: I just sketch and try to find the right shape, lay out, etc. Then I go into the fine details.

Doug: What do you like to do when you're not drawing?

Reza: I enjoy going some place cozy with my wife or just hanging out with friends making music.

If your interested in more about Reza or his wonderful art check out his deviant art page at http://ahbiasaaja.deviantart.com/


Entry: 00-031: Final Beta Test Game
Written by Doug   


Happy new year everyone! I know from the outside it appears as if we have buried ourselves in a dark cave. The truth is we HAVE been trapped in a dark cave! The dark cave of intense Beta Testing that is! Let me share with you some of the awesomeness that has resulted from the past 4 months of gamming.

Every Friday CotV Co-Creator Wedge and I would run 2 groups, back to back, in a 14 week campaign. The first group (Day Group) would meet up at the always awesome Reaper Game store in Denton TX. The second group (Night Group) would meet up at my pad in Plano TX. Both groups had 4-6 players and our goals were to continue to streamline the combat and leveling systems to a point where they fully achieved our goals of quick, tactical combat, deep character progression and loose, flowing role playing.

The campaign was set on the world of Journ and mainly inside one of Journs major cities Troponopolis. Journ was recently discovered and is dealing with the influx of new technologies and alien presence. There are 3 major criminal originations in Troponopolis. The Web, the Tai-Zen and the Legion. The Web is primarily run and operated by the native race of Journ; the Crylok. With centuries of control and dominance over Troponoplis’s  criminal activates the Web is struggling to remain relevant with the influx of outside powers. The Tai-Zen buried it’s talons into the dark corners of Troponopolis 20 years ago. Lead by Ling-Ling, a female Lauxnaut, her iron circle of body guards and hit men where played by the Day Group.  The Legion began to assert its place in the Troponopolis underside only 12 years ago. Lead by the heavily modified human Duncan Travento his most trusted informants and assassins where played by the Night Group.

(Crylok illustration by Geoff Trebs)


(Crylok illustration by Geoff Trebs)

By the final game an off world cult known as the Crystal Circle had wiped out the Web and invaded a great deal of the Tai-Zen and Legions territories causing much havoc and even death to prominent characters. It appeared they were mining a specific mineral from the locations but neither group could figure out why and what the mineral was used for. At the final game the planet falls under a surprise SERK invasion and the Crystal Circle escapes leaving the 2 gangs to join forces in order to survive.

Phase 1: One of the players is playing a Prime Arbiter named Barnelby.  Throughout the campaign Barnelby worked his way up the Troponopolis political ladder and with his connections learns of a top secret military complex in the mountains. In this base is a ship and codes needed to shut down massive containment drones the SERK are using to keep ships from escaping.  Arriving at the base the players discover that a SERK scouting party has infiltrated the base and reinforcements are on their way. The two groups decide to send the Tech and Engineering experts into the base to repair the ship they are after and take care of the SERK scouting party. The second group fortifies the complex and fights off the never ending hoard of SERK to buy the rest of the group time.


Beta 1


(Here a Varigator and Javelin Pilot smash SERK giving a Grimkin Swarm and Prime Arbiter time needed to repair the broken ship and find hidden codes in an underground part of the complex.)

Beta game 2



(Topside a Human SHARD, Aqasoo Nova, Varigator, and Lauxnaut Outlaw fight off SERK invaders using not so conventional means and improvised turrets.)

Phase 2: After repairing the ship and escaping the military complex the players learn that there are 3 major containment drones in space above the planet but that they have massive shielding protecting. The group again breaks into 2 teams. The first team is comprised of the best pilots. They arm their personal star fighters and fly into space combat ready to destroy these containment drones the second their defenses go off line.  The second group located a control port for the SERK planet side and infiltrates it to manually shut done the containment drones shield generators.

Phase 3: After successfully destroying the drones the player’s pilot to safety only to watch from space as their home planet is destroyed by the SERK. Upon escaping they see the fleeing ship of the Crystal Circle. Now having confirmation that the Crystal Circle knew of the coming attack and could have warned Troponopolis potentially saving the planet the players decide to board and exact vengeance.

The players corner Abigail Williams, the one leading the Crystal Circles efforts on Troponopolis and begin to attack only to discover they must cross over to a parallel universe and defeat her source of power before her physical body can be destroyed.

Beta game 3



(A scene from the final battle. The bottom end of the map represents reality while the top end is a parallel reflection.)

In a surprising move one of the players attempts to defect and join the Crystal Circle but in the end Abigail Williams is defeated, revenged is satisfied, and the players now have a Crystal Circle ship full of prized resources. With their originations disbanded and their world destroyed what wonders still await them in the void.


Beta game 4


(Beta testers from left to right: Darryl Roberds, Michael Collins, Tobias, Matthew Goiffon, Marqus Burleson, Doug Bush, Michael Masters, Wedge Smith, Michael Cooke, Frank Baker. MIA: Ernest O. Cooper III and Scoty.)

Over all the Beta testing was a huge success! With so many moving parts in an RPG balancing can be tough but we are very happy with how the game feels and are moving forward to a new stage (and possibly last) of tweaks and fine tuning to make sure Chronicles of the Void is one of the deepest, most creative and funniest RPGs you will ever play!

Till next time, keep rolling nat 20s!


Entry: 00-030: Playable Class: Human SHARD
Written by Wedge, Co-Creator   

10) Human SHARD

by Ryan Costello Jr.

SHARD is the top team of mercenaries in the Universe. We aren’t just mercenaries, we’re the best veterans of a thousand wars. We’re talking centuries of combined military experience. We don’t care about politics. We don’t ask who is right or wrong. We only want to know who to shoot. Forget the big suits and cybernetics, if we can’t pick a piece of equipment up and show it who’s boss, we don’t trust our lives to it. Call us grunts, call us bullet stoppers, if you need highly trained soldiers, just call us: SHARD.

Sunder a blade and every shattered piece is still sharp, still dangerous. Smash a machine and its jagged bits can be wielded as weapons. Disband a military unit and the individuals left behind still want to claim objectives, wipe out opposition, and give their lives for a cause. These wayward men and women are born for war. They live for it, and do not fit into society. Fortunately for them, they fit into SHARD.

Throughout the Universe are soldiers craving war and wars desperate for soldiers. SHARD –Soldiers for Hire: Armed, Ready, and Deadly- finds these soldiers, houses them, continues their training, then rents them out as mercenaries to armies and companies looking for highly trained and specialized soldiers. Even the Hexumvirate, possessed of a private military the envy of small planets, are known to hire SHARD to bolster their forces as pawns or to reinforce extreme lines stretching beyond their reach.

Entry: 00-029: Playable Class: Male Luxnaut Outlaw
Written by Wedge, Co-Creator   

9) Male Luxnaut Outlaw

The Lauxnaut are a prolific alien race who have been a major influence in the Universe for many years. They are an extremely family centric race, who share lifelong bonds with their immediate siblings largely due to their curiously imbalanced ratio of male to female offspring. On average, male Lauxnauts outnumber females 16 to 1, and as a result Lauxnaut culture developed a system for ensuring the continuation of the family's genetic line by developing a fierce protective loyalty of brothers to their sisters. Brothers are so devoted to their sisters that most Lauxnaut males commit to a life of protection and service to their genetic sister. In a society where female offspring are so prized, women are in constant threat of abduction and assassination and the Lauxnaut will go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their family's matriarch since the entire fate of a dynasty hangs in the balance of a single reproductive member.

As a result, eons of evolution have developed Lauxnaut males into some of the most imposing and skilled bodyguards in the known Universe. Lauxnaut brothers develop a strict hierarchy of authority amongst one another, and function with the precision of a crack military unit. From birth Lauxnaut males are taught the craft of bodyguarding, the strategies for securing a structure, and the tactics of counter intelligence. They live in a state of readiness, always prepared to execute one of many contingent plans. They are excellent multitaskers, a trait which has won them renown as star ship pilots. Physically Lauxnaut males are often referred to as "living barricades." The average male stands 8' topping 900 lbs with a thick roughly humanoid frame.

Their body is hairless, and their head is covered by a network of hardened plates which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle forming patterns along their cranium.

Entry: 00-028: Playable Classes: Human Varigator Prism and Escriman Seeker
Written by Wedge, Co-Creator   

7) Human Varigator Prism

The rise of the Varigator soldiers can be traced back to the discovery of an unassuming invertebrate creature discovered on the planet Panklima Beta dubbed the Vertemora Leech.

Roughly two feet in length, less than an inch thick, and coated with thousands of fine hairlike bristles the Vertemora Leech creeps around like a overgrown centipede. It secretes a slick gelatinous substance as it travels across the ground which was found to have potent stimulant and hallucinogenic properties. Indeed the Vertemora Leeches were originally trafficked in illegal narcotics circles for the potent hallucinogenic properties of their secretions. Eventually a few overzealous junkies found that the Vertemora Leech could be coaxed to attaching itself directly to the spinal column of an individual giving them a permanent fix to the high they craved. This resulting express feed of the Leech's chemicals directly into the users blood stream is a supremely euphoric experience. In fact, it is more than that. The Vertemora Leech turned out to have the ability to actually integrate itself into their host's body, creating new organs in the host and radically changing their appearance.

Junkies who left the Vertemora Leeches attached for long enough began to report that they could see the electromagnetic waves that pass through all spectrum of light, and more remarkably they began to manipulate these same waves. The symbiotic relationship formed between the two creatures actually allowed the host to absorb, manipulate, and emit electromagnetic radiation at will. From these hopelessly addicted junkies the first Varigators were born.

The powerful Hexumvirate government were the first to see the possibilities in these Vertemora Leeches for what it truly was, and they exerted their considerable wealth and influence into annexing the planet Panklima Beta into their small yet elite empire. The Hexumvirate Royal Champions setup a extensive scientific research facility on the planet with the goal of creating viable Human-Vertemora Hybrids which could consciously use the powers granted by the leeches.

The project was code named: Varigator.

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